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Our Story

Re/frame your references

A horizon to a designer is a frame in which to work. Getting new perspectives means getting new horizons for yourself and establishing a new frame of reference.

On the Horizon

We can see a subject coming and we need to know more about it.

Beyond your Horizon

A more futuristic subject that we know nothing or very little about.

Expand your Horizon

Look at something familiar, applied in a different context.

Shift your Horizon

Look at something familiar in a totally different light.

Team Keen Design Netherlands

About the organiser

Keen Design started life in the Netherlands in 2003 working in multiple sectors. Today we channel our experience in several dedicated business units. Delivering value through UX design to our clients and to users.

As the leading UX experts in several industries we have the knowledge and experience not only to help our clients develop succesful products and services, but also to foster the maturity of their organisations.

From a one-off redesign to a UX maturity review to coaching in-house teams. Our UX design experts work with clients to create digital solutions that are achievable, measurable and manageable. That take their products, business and people to the next level.

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