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Heuveloord 140 3523 CK UTRECHT


We aim UX Horizons to be accessible for everyone. If you have any questions or requests concerning accessibility, please get in touch and send an email to If you have any questions during the event, don’t hesitate to turn to our staff.


LE:EN is accessible from the A2, A12 and A27 motorways. Behind the gas station, next to the water tower is the restaurant. You can park for free next to the venue.

Public Transport

From Utrecht central station you can take the bus, tram or train:

  • Bus: Take bus 8 towards Lunetten. Get off at bus stop Tolsteeg. Behind the gas station is LE:EN.
  • Tram: Take the tram 20, 21 or 22 to Science Park P+R. Get off at Station Vaartsche Rijn, Utrecht. Walk 6 min.
  • Trein: Take the trein to Hertogenbosch ('s), Rhenen, Tiel or Driebergen-Zeist,. Get off at Station Vaartsche Rijn, Utrecht. Walk 6 min.

Thursday 14 September in



Where do UX & sustainability meet?

Can you contribute to sustainability in the field of UX? This thought-provoking question is open for discussion. In an interactive session, I aspire to demonstrate how UX can contribute to sustainability, drawing from my personal experience and vision.
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Enhancing UX Maturity in Designing Financial Services for the Masses

Insights on how to steer challenges while increasing UX & research efforts during one of Europe’s biggest IT projects
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